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Spectra Worktops Lofo

Spectra Worktops Collection

Spectra Worktops Range will suit everyone…
You can see below the Spectra Curved Edge collection and the Spectra Square Edge Collection.

We know a great deal of thought has to go into designing  your perfect kitchen.
From the choice of cabinets and flooring ,to the style of sink and tap, it’s important everything fits together and colour matches perfectly.
So it can be used in a number of versatile ways within your kitchen.


Worktops used in the Kitchen or utility room need to be versatile.They have to be hard wearing yet look great. Worktops take up the biggest surface area in your kitchen, you need to be sure you have the right colour choice.

Spectra Curved Edge Snow Spark Lifestyle 3

2. Breakfast bar & island units.

 Available in boh 665mm and 900mm widths, these are often the social hub of the kitchen and the surface where most food is prepared. 


3. Upstands

 Easy to install and maintain, upstands are very cost-effective way of protecting your walls from impact and splashes. 


4. Splashbacks

A cost effective and easy to clean alternative to traditional tiles, without any unsightly grout lines. Splashbacks can also be used as a distinctive feature wall either in your kitchen or anywhere else in your home.

Breakfast Bars, Islands, Upstands & Splashbacks,
they are all available in all of the 40 Spectra Curved Edge Decors.

Texture Breakdown

Below you can see all the 40 Spectra curved edge decors by Texture

The natural grain of real wood is subtly and ingeniously replicated in this texture.

A gloss surface with multi-coloured metallic elements freely distributed within the decor to give a dazzling visual effect.
Please note: Quartz textured surfaces are more susceptible to scratches than other textures. So please take additional care when handing and cleaning Quartz textured surface.

This hard-wearing finish gives a semi-polished sheen that enhances the colour of the decor.

A stunning effect that combines subtle surface undulations with gloss and matt finishes.

Easy to clean and maintain. the non-reflective and subtle undulations of this texture looks and feels great.

Start Designing Your Dream Kitchen or Utility Room with the above

Gain the edge

Colour. Texture. Touch. All play a key role when
choosing your new kitchen surface. It’s important however not to overlook the style of edging for your worktops, breakfast bars and island units. After all, it’s only natural to want your kitchen to look the part from every angle.

With Spectra Square-Edge laminate surfaces you get the same crisp and clean-cut lines you get from high-end natural stone and real wood products, but at a fraction of the cost.

And the benefits don’t end there. Like all laminate surfaces, Spectra Square-Edge is a breeze to clean and provides a super hygienic and versatile option for your home.

Better all round

All worktops, breakfast bars and island units
have a decorative surface on the top, underside
and all edges giving you a seamless finish
from every angle.*

*2020mm long worktops have two long edges
and one short edge bonded with a decorative surface.

Through thick and thin

Spectra Square-Edge worktops, breakfast bars
and island units are all available in both
22mm and 40mm thicknesses, giving you
the freedom to stay consistent or mix things up.


Works beyond worktops

Designed for maximum versatility. Also, Spectra Square-Edge can be used for shelves and cabinet framing to bring even more colour coordination into your kitchen and utility room.

Custom made service

Spectra Square-Edge surfaces are available in
a wide range of standard sizes. But you can also
have unique shapes and sizes, such as this 100mm
thick island unit, by using our custom-made service.

Going strong

Their name says it all, worktops are designed to do hard graft day in, day out. It’s the reason all Spectra Square-Edge surfaces are made of highly durable
materials that can stand up to our always on the go lifestyles in absolute style.

In addition to being hardwearing, Spectra Square-Edge worktops are able to accommodate sinks, hobs and drainers on top, while ovens, dishwashers and washing machines can be easily slotted below.

Texture Breakdown



A gloss surface with multicoloured metallic elements freely distributed within the décor to give a dazzling visual effect.

†Please Note: The high gloss finish of quartz is more susceptible to scuffs and scratches
than other textures, so additional care needs to be taken when using and cleaning.



Easy to clean and maintain, the non-reflective and subtle unevenness of this texture echoes freshly quarried natural stone.


Our most technologically advanced texture, Sync perfectly synchronises with the shapes and colours of the slate and wood décors on which it’s applied.
The result? An amazingly realistic 3D effect that offers all the durability, cleanliness and low-cost benefits of laminate.

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