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Fenwick presents an update to the classic shaker door with strong, broad stiles and a deep, sunken panel.
Modern yet rustic, with a richly embossed legno grain structure, Fenwick’s finish makes it almost impossible to distinguish from real timber. The 5 Piece doweled construction and 2mm ABS end cap edging make Fenwick a robust and durable door, beautifully crafted and designed for everyday use. Available in a range of classic and contemporary, grained uni-colour finishes, carefully curated to offer you the most sought after shades that will stand the test of time.

  • 22mm thick shaker door with 105mm stiles and rails.
  • 2mm ABS end caps with chamfered edges.
  • Wrapped in uni-colour wood grain vinyl.
  • Available in 9 finishes


The stunning simplicity of Loxley is accentuated by the combination of its narrow stile frame, its minimal joint
detailing and its luxuriously smooth SERICA. Matt finish. Major advancements in surface coating technology allow the Loxley door to reflect an authentic smooth paint effect finish. This combined with SERICA’s high scratch resistance and anti-fingerprint technology, make Loxley both stylish and practical.
It’s warm to the touch and brings a contemporary edge to any style of kitchen. Complete with a comprehensive range of matching accessories and available in a selection of beautifully smooth shades,  Loxley creates kitchens that want to be lived in.

  • 22mm thick shaker door with 75mm stiles and 1mm radius edges.
  • Wrapped in SERICA Super Smooth Matt vinyl with built in anti-scratch
  • and anti-fingerprint technology.
  • Available in 9 finishes.


For those who prefer a more natural, exposed wood style, Tuscany is the ideal choice, as it’s the only door in our 5 Piece Collection that offers you a wood grain effect finish.
Choose between the crisp, light, Lissa Oak or the elegantly rich Medium Walnut for an authentic, wood-crafted style. Mix and match with the neutral tones of Ivory and Mussel for a classically balanced look.
Minimal joint detailing, wood effect finishes and a 5 Piece doweled construction combined, give Tuscany an overall handmade aesthetic, perfect for creating any style kitchen.

  • Tuscany has a square panel design with a groove detail running vertically on the left and right sides, perfect for any traditional kitchen design.
  • Available in 4 colours – Lissa Oak – Medium Walnut – Ivory – Mussel


The Bastille door provides the perfect balance between classic and contemporary, with its full range of on-trend finishes and its beautifully beaded shaker frame design.

5 Piece Beaded Shaker Style Door with 84mm Stiles wrapped in Solid, Uni-Colour, Legno Grain Embossed Vinyl with a 22mm Thick MDF Core French-Cut Door Construction Provides Extra Durability 2mm ABS End Caps and Chamfered Edges.

  • 22mm thick shaker door with 84mm stiles and rails.
  • 2mm ABS end caps with chamfered edges.
  • Wrapped in uni-colour wood grain vinyl.
  • Available in 5 finishes.
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