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Painted Doors

There’s something truly special about a painted finish... whether it be it’s distinctive touch or it’s crafted aesthetic, it somehow instantly makes you feel right at home. But for us, what we really love about Paint is it’s ability to give you choice and flexibility. It allows you to make a room your own, choosing colours to match your personal style and flair. From light to dark, bright to pale, there’s a shade to suit everyone’s individuality.

5 Piece Doors

5 Piece doors provide you with a traditional, handmade aesthetic, whilst also giving you the flexibility of design through styles and finishes. Within our 5 Piece Collection we offer three beautifully designed, shaker style doors, each unique in their own right. Whether you prefer a classic or more contemporary style, each range is a blank canvas for you to add your own personal taste and make your dream kitchen and bedroom a reality.

5G Doors

5G represents the Next Generation of vinyl wrapped doors. With it’s commitment to using only the highest quality materials, the most reliable adhesives and the latest advancements in manufacturing technology. Our 5G range is fully certified and quality assured. With 70 Door Styles & an extensive range of finishes including Matt, Gloss, Wood Grain, & SERICA, Super Smooth Matt — an extremely robust, premium matt finish with built in anti-scratch and anti-fingerprint technology — you can achieve practically any desired look.
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