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Mazan Pure White - Glass Hob Panel

£15.39£226.97 (incl. VAT)


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Mazan Pure White – Glass Hob Panel


Mazan Pure White is an affordable, yet dazzlingly beautiful collection of a glass panels for kitchens.

If you have a gas hob, Mazan offers a full range of traditional glass hob panels colour matched to the Mazan acrylic panel range which are cut to standard sizes ,ready to be installed. These traditional glass hob panels are not required if you have an electric hob.

It is the 21st century alternative to ceramic tiles.

The panels offer a range of diverse solid and metallic colours and has a thickness of 6mm. Giving you a fantastic colour intensity and reflection through Mazan’s surface and exposed edges – just like traditional coloured glass.

This product is now also available in any RAL colour enabling you to perfectly match it to other features in your home.

Along with our colour match service Mazan® is now also offered with unique digital prints – this means your panel can be uniquely tailored to your space.

Both beautiful and tough. It is a highly durable surface for the ups and downs of everyday living.

They are 25 times more impact resistant and stronger than traditional glass. It will not shatter when it is bumped into.

It has a high heat resistance (up to 100°C). And will put up with the kettle steaming against it one minute and an icy blast the next because someone has left a door open in the middle of winter.

Mazan Profiles
Repair and maintenance kit
Comprising of:
 Microfibre cloth
250ml Mikra M35 polishing compound
 200g bottle Vuplex cleaner
1 of the following sanding discs:
3000 grit festool 
1500 grit festool 
Edge polishing kit
Comprising of:
 250ml Mirka M35 polishing compound
1 of the following sanding discs:
240 grit festool 
400 grit festool 
600 grit
Microfibre cloth
Clear PVC drawstring bag
For further information please refer to the links below.
Installation Guide
Care & Maintenance Guide


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