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Luzzi Kitchen Door


Luzzi High Gloss Ivory
Luzzi High Gloss Light Grey
Luzzi High Gloss White

You can Select Accesories after you add your door to your cart .

Luzzi Kitchen Door

 Painted Collection – Luzzi Kitchen Door Range

We’ve fine tuned our gloss painted range to provide you with the sleekest, most contemporary kitchen design. With our true handle-less, J pull style door you can create crisp, clean lines for the
ultimate streamlined look. Choose from 3 bright Luzzi Kitchen Door, highly polished gloss colours that will help maximise your space by reflecting light across the kitchen surface

  • J -Pull Handle-less Door Style
  • Finish: High Gloss Lacquered
  • Door Thickness: 18mm
  • Base Material: MDF Core
  • Edge: 1mm Profile
  • Available in 3 Gloss Colours.

Choose from the options above, on the sizes you want and on the colours you wish.  Also, you can choose the matching door accessories that you will see after you will add to your cart the door you desire. Our Sales team then will come back to you as soon as possible to give you lead times or any other information you need.

We are a family run business based in Manchester. If you have any questions. Whether it be about delivery or the specifics of a product contact us.
Our sales team are more than happy to help you.

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115×596 Drawer, 140×296 Drawer, 140×396 Drawer, 140×446 Drawer, 140×496 Drawer, 140×596 Drawer, 140×796 Drawer, 140×896 Drawer, 140×996 Drawer, 175×396 Drawer, 175×496 Drawer, 175×596 Drawer, 283×496 Drawer, 283×596 Drawer, 283×796 Drawer, 283×896 Drawer, 283×996 Drawer, 355×496 Drawer/Door, 355×596 Drawer/Door, 355×796 Drawer/Door, 355×896 Drawer/Door, 355×996 Drawer/Door, 450×596 Door, 495×596 Door, 570×296 Door, 570×396 Door, 570×446 Door, 570×496 Door, 570×596 Door, 645×596 Door, 715×146 Door, 715×246 Door, 715×296 Door, 715×346 Door, 715×396 Door, 715×446 Door, 715×496 Door, 715×546 Door, 715×596 Door, 895×296 Door, 895×396 Door, 895×446 Door, 895×496 Door, 895×596 Door, 980×596 Door, 1245×296 Door, 1245×396 Door, 1245×496 Door, 1245×596 Door, 1965×596 Door, 715×300 Curved Door, 715×273 Corner Door, 715×313 Corner Door, 355×496 Slab Door, 355×596 Slab Door, 355×796 Slab Door, 355×896 Slab Door, 355×996 Slab Door


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Replacement Kitchen Doors


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