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Loxley Kitchen Door


Loxley Serica Super Smooth Matt Dust Grey
Loxley Serica Super Smooth Matt Graphite
Loxley Serica Super Smooth Matt Kashmir
Loxley Serica Super Smooth Matt Light Grey
Loxley Serica Super Smooth Matt Marine Blue
Loxley Serica Super Smooth Matt Pebble
Loxley Serica Super Smooth Matt Stone Grey
Loxley Serica Super Smooth Matt Taupe Grey
Loxley Serica Super Smooth Matt White Grey

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Loxley Kitchen Door

A 5 Piece Collection – Loxley Kitchen Door Range

The stunning simplicity of Loxley Kitchen doors is accentuated by the combination of its narrow stile frame, its minimal joint detailing and its luxuriously smooth SERICA Matt finish.
Furthermore, major advancements in surface coating technology allow the Loxley door to reflect an authentic smooth paint effect finish. Moreover, this combined with SERICA’s high scratch resistance. And anti-fingerprint technology, make Loxley both stylish and practical.

Also, it’s warm to the touch and brings a contemporary edge to any style of kitchen.
Complete with a comprehensive range of matching accessories and available in a selection of beautifully smooth shades,

  • 22mm thick shaker door with 75mm stiles and 1mm radius edges.
  • Wrapped in SERICA Super Smooth Matt vinyl with built in anti-scratch
  • and anti-fingerprint technology.
  • Available in 9 finishes.

Choose from the options above, on the sizes you want and on the colours you wish.  Also, you can choose the matching door accessories that you will see after you will add to your cart the door you desire. Our Sales team then will come back to you as soon as possible to give you lead times or any other information you need.

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Door Colour

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5 Piece Kitchen Doors




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Replacement Kitchen Doors


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