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Duropal Calypso - SD - Curved Edge - 40mm

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Duropal Calypso – SD

Duropal Calypso – SD postformed (curved edge) laminate worktop. With a 3mm radius ”Quadra” (for more info please click the logo above to be directed to the Duropal Page).

The perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite and stone worktops at a fraction of the price. Therefore the comprehensive selection of decors offers opportunities from the most modern applications to the more traditional.

SD Texture

Sandpearl (SD) – The sandy pearl structure is homogeneous and multi-directional, the fine grain is sharp-edged and precise.
The both matt and delicate surface has a modern and well-balanced appearance.
It can therefore be used universally for almost all decors.

Reasons To Choose Duropal

Duropal worktops are extremely durable and offer a wide range of decors, surface structures and core materials – making them the material of choice for modern, long-lasting and hygienic kitchen design.

Post-formed edge

Firstly the profiled front edge help to prevent liquid spills finding their way into drawers and cupboards.

HPL Surface

Secondly the surface is made with genuine high-pressure laminate guaranteed to EN 438; hardwearing and easy to clean.


Thirdly the glue line provides a guaranteed moisture and heat resistancy to EN 204. Only featured on post-formed worktops.

Certified to the highest standards

And finally as a large consumer of chipboard, Duropal ensure that all their material carries the PEFC certification.

In addition to the above you can also download the Duropal Brochure?Click Here.

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