Aria Soapstone Sequoia 12mm - Compact Laminate Worktops
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Aria Soapstone Sequoia 12mm - Scovato - Compact Laminate




Aria Soapstone Sequoia 12mm – Scovato – Compact Laminate

Aria Soapstone Sequoia 12mm work surfaces combine the visual beauty of natural materials. Also with a well engineered compact laminate.They are highly durable and easy to clean. Which allow you to create the kitchen you’ve always desired.
With a range of classic and bold designs from marble veining to granite textures. With a wide palette of stunning colours to choose from.

Aria Soapstone Sequoia 12mm compact is a fantastic real alternative to natural stone surfaces. Without having to compromise on the aesthetic. Nor the finish, durability or quality. Of solid surface worktops. These countertops are made as a single slab. With the benefits of classic stone worktops, with simpler maintenance and installation. Giving you a choice of 12mm or 20mm thickness. Utilise matching breakfast bars. As well as matching upstands and splashbacks.

Aria work surfaces are both sleek and contemporary. Therefore providing the perfect appearance. As well as a level of durability for any home.

Aria Joint Kit

One Aria Joint Kit is required per every two joints.

For the effective installation of joints in Aria products.

Kit comprises of:

  • 1x Applicator/Scraper Tool
  • 6x No.20 Jointing Biscuits
  •  6x Toggle Bolts (worktop connector bolts)
  • 1x 3mm Hex Key
  • Lint Free Cloth White (1)
  • 1x 20ml Linseed Oil (included in kits for black worktops only)

Key Features Include

Highly resistant to impact and abrasion.

Fully waterproof. Allowing you to incorporate design features. Such as under-mounted sinks, curves and drainage grooves.

Liquids do not penetrate the surface. Which also makes it resilient to bacteria and mold.

Simple Installation
Easy, low cost installation. Compared to engineered stone alternatives.

Aria Cool Greys
Aria Cool Greys utilises one of the most popular choices of colour in the kitchen.
Therefore cool greys immediately enhance all other colours around it. As they blend effortlessly into their surroundings. This enhances your kitchen and makes other features stand out. Giving you a great canvas for creativity. Altogether in your decor and cuisine.

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