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With the Maxtop Modular Quartz Worktops range you get a high quality Kitchen surface. Which achieves the feel and appearance of solid stone at a fraction of the price. Both stunningly beautiful and remarkably strong. Max Top work surfaces give your home an exquisite look. Without any of the drawbacks that you get from traditional solid stone.

Maxtop Kitchen Worktops are Europe’s leading modular quartz product. Setting a higher standard of quality and design, for engineered stone in the kitchen arena. These Maxtop Quartz kitchen surfaces are surprisingly light whilst remaining unbelievably strong. Making your ideal new kitchen easier to install, with less work.

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Maxtop Worktops
Key Features Of Maxtop Worktops Quartz Include

✓ Max Fitting Simplicity

Enjoy a stress free installation as Max Top Quartz Worktops can be fitted using standard techniques. Similar to those methods used for fitting laminate worktops. Saving you time for planning the rest of your kitchen.

✓ Max Convenience

With a factory pre-finishing, Max Top Quartz Worktops are immediately ready for sale and installation. This makes them more readily available than other solid surface options.

✓ Colours to suit your personal style

Each colour in the Max Top Quartz range is especially picked to fit the latest trends. Create the kitchen that you have always desired. With colours to suite all moods and tastes.

✓ Max Beauty

Bring the beautifully aesthetic look of a solid stone work surface to your kitchen. With the ability to have a 40mm profile which would be impractical under conventional fabrication. Each worktop is edged with 8mm solid quartz to give it a perfectly blended look. You will have a wide choice of natural decors. Allowing you to have a quality style to match your tastes and a kitchen to be proud of.

✓ Max Strength

Maxtop Kitchen Worktops have a patented interior. Making it remarkably light weight and super strong at the same time. The work surface is light enough to be handled manually, which is a huge advantage for when it is being fitted. The worktop contains a non-wood based honeycomb core which offers 100% moisture protection. Providing a work surface which gives you all the strength that you want when cooking and entertaining. Combined with amazing versatility.

✓ Durable and Easy To Clean

Maxtop Quartz worktops are the ideal option for even the busiest of kitchens. They are non porous so odours, stains, bacteria and mould cannot penetrate the surface. Achieve greater peace of mind in your home. With a work surface that is resistant to scratches, scuffing and stains. These worktops are also very easy clean with warm water or a mild detergent. Giving you more time to sit back, relax and enjoy your beautiful home.

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