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We Sell to Public & Trade

A smooth, non porous surface, Mistral worktops are reassuringly hygienic and easy to clean. You will always feel at home with your worktops as they match a rooms ambient temperature, so they are not cold to the touch. With beautifully seamless joints. Mistral worktops flow effortlessly around your kitchen. As if they had been physically sculpted into your room. Make use of multiple fabrication options, including drainer grooves, sink cut outs and edging. Then finish with end panels, splashbacks and upstands. To make the worktops both stylish and functional. Made entirely of solid surface material. These work surfaces can fit your grand vision perfectly.

Mistral Worktops

With its deeper 25mm kitchen surface and inconspicuous seams, Mistral work surfaces radiate a stunning crystal ambience. Which are unparalleled in modular solid kitchen surfacing.

With Mistral offers superior versatility. Therefore allowing more freedom in designing your kitchen environment. Firstly allowing for custom shaping, curvatures and sink cut outs for undermounts. Secondly because this is achievable on site. Without edging procedures. Thirdly making Mistral quick and simple to install.

With Mistral you get a stable, self supporting solid surface which requires no substrate. Therefore avoiding the need for any special sealing. Or protection measures at joints or sink cut outs. Therefore eliminating the risk of blown joints. Due to moisture ingress or bacterial build up in core materials. In addition joint strength is amplified through its thicker 25mm acrylic structure. So with a silky pre-finished surface. Installation time is reduced.

With Chic, hygienic and practical, Mistral. You will have the pinnacle in luxury surfacing. Also offering advanced protection against everyday living.

The Mistral Unique Collection
The Unique Collection not only provides colours that inspire the imagination of designers, but also the product sizes to make it easier to bring these ideas to life.

Also you can download a Mistral Brochure here

Created to fit all kitchen shapes and sizes, Mistral counter tops make the best use of your space. Whether you are looking for family friendly breakfast bars and islands. Or bringing out the best in a more intimate cooking space. Whether you want a modern or traditional kitchen. Mistral worktops can give you everything that you and your household need.

Stunning Styles

Choose from a wide range of designs & colour. Giving you choices ranging from subtle blend in looks. To bold and stand out surfaces. Mistral worktops are designed to compliment existing kitchen appliances and features. Also as they are solid throughout. They are perfect if you want an integrated sink. With so many options available you can create a kitchen which truly stands out.

Key Features Include:

☑ Easy to Clean

Mistral has a non porous surface, Mistral worktops will not allow stains to penetrate. You can clean up any spills easily with soapy water and a damp cloth

☑ Replenishable

You are able to sand Mistral surface. This allows the worktop to be refinished. At any point in its life. Removing any wear and tear marks. Therefore making your Mistral worktop as good as new.

☑ Heat Resistant

☑ Darker Colours

Mistral kitchen tops are developed to a high fire safety standard. Also coping very well with the heat of the kitchen. Use surface protectors and heat pads.

Mistral recommend the use of lighter colours in busier areas. As a darker palette will generally show wear more quickly.

☑ Ten Year Manufacturers Guarantee

Mistral worktops fantastic appearance. As well as its incredible physical properties. Are backed by a ten year manufacturing guarantee. This worktop range is tried and tested in robust commercial settings. Before being used for residential. Ensuring that you will have high quality kitchen tops. For many years to come.

☑ Impact Resistant

Achieve extra peace of mind with a strong and durable kitchen surface. Mistral have created these worktops for the daily rigours of a busy family kitchen. Use chopping boards. Rather than cutting food directly on these surfaces.

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