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How to measure your Kitchen Door.

Here you will find some important steps to help you figure out which door size you need to order for your new Kitchen.


Draw up your Kitchen!
Show all of  your doors and drawer fonts in the room.

Complete kitchen illustration


Check if the existing doors and drawer fronts don’t have any large gaps around them. 
Usually the gap between adjoining doors and drawer fronts is usually 4mm.


Measure the Height & Width of the door.

*Measure the back of the doors rather than the fronts as the back of the doors are usually the squarest part of the doors.
*Always measure in millimetres.
*Do not measure the cabinets.


Create a list of each door you have measured.

*Measure each door individually
Doors might look the same size but might be a slightly different.


Check your measurements.
Once you have measured all of the doors, check that you have got the correct amount of doors and drawer fronts for your kitchen.

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Useful Tips

How to work out if my kitchen doors are left or right handed openers?

A right hand door opens to the right, and a left hand door opens towards the left. We will supply you with a 'Hinge Hole Request Form' if this is a service you wish to use. By standard doors will come without hinge holes.

How to measure the drawer?

Do the same procedure with the doors.

How to measure hinge holes?

Measure from the top of the door to the centre of the hinge hole. The Same for the bottom hinge. The position of your hinges will be standard when installing a new kitchen and therefore will not require checking. Please note: If you are installing the doors on to existing units you will need to provide the measurements.

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