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Worktop Collection 2017-2020

As a large consumer of chipboard, we ensure that all our material carries the PEFC certification. Therefore guaranteeing that it comes from properly environmentally managed and sustainable sources. We have also achieved independent PEFC accreditation. To provide surety for ‘chain of custody.

Cleaning and care instructions
A major advantage of Duropal Worktops is that the HPL surface makes cleaning so simple. Therefore a moist cloth is usually sufficient. However use washing-up liquid to get rid of any grease. Stubborn stains can be removed with an organic solvent. Such as methylated spirits or alcohol. There’s nothing simpler than cleaning Duropal Worktops.

Duropal Worktops Quality You Can Take For Granted
For Domestic & The Trade!

Duropal worktops are the perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite and stone worktops at a fraction of the price. Also their comprehensive selection of decors offers opportunities. From the most modern applications to the more traditional. 
61 exciting decors – 49 in the popular Quadra profile and 12 in the unique Cubix profile.

With Duropal you're covered from all directions...

 HPL surfaces
Duropal kitchen tops are surfaced with genuine high-pressure laminate. Guaranteed in DIN-EN 438. Therefore they are hardwearing and easy to clean.

These are guaranteed moisture and heat resistant to DIN-EN 204.

Postformed edge

The profile front edge of Duropal worktops are designed to help prevent liquid spills finding their way into drawers and cupboards.

HPL MDF Splashbacks

Consisting of an 8mm E1 medium density fibreboard (MDF) core. Also surfaced with genuine Duropal high-pressure laminate manufacture. To DIN-EN 438. Additionally they are available to match all 61 decors plus 1 real metallic option (Alu 1 – not available as a worktop) in the following sizes:

Worktop Decors:

4100 x 640 x 9.2mm norminal (8mm MDF core) / 2050 x 1,300 x 9.2mm (8mm MDF core)
Alu 1:
4100 x 640 x 9.6mm norminal (8mm MDF core) / 2050 x 1,300 x 9.6mm nominal (8mm MDF core) 

HPL Upstands

Surfaced in genuine Duropal high-pressured laminate. They are produced with P3 moisture-resistant chipboard core. Additionally they are available to match all of the stunning decors in the following size:
4100 x 120 x 19mm nominal, 3mm postformed radius.
Also an ideal finishing touch for your Duropal high-pressure laminate work surfaces offering another cost-efficient and hygienic alternative to tiling. 

20mm Worktop Collection

The Duropal 20mm Worktop Collection comprises 4 exciting decors. Also featuring the unique 3mm radius Quadra profile and special seal. Which is designed to ensure a lifetime of protection against moisture ingress.

All decors in the 20mm Worktop Collection are available in matching HPL Upstands and HPL MDF Back Panels. 
These 4 decor are also available in 40mm as part of the standard Duropal Worktop Collection.
Worktops / Breakfast Bars  -20mm
4100 x 600 x 20mm postformed 1 long edge (worktop), 4100 x 670 x 20mm postformed 2 long edges (breakfast bar), 4100 x 900 x 20mm postformed 2 long edges (breakfast bar). 

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