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Duropal Compact Worktops

The Duropal Compact Work Surface range is made from 12mm thick solid compact laminate. Therefore they give you a fantastic level of impact and moisture resistance for applications which have high demands. Duropal Compact Worktops are part of a range of 12 impressive decors. Additionally these have a core that uses a colour through pigment to create a visually solid edge. Which makes them beautiful from every angle you choose to look at them.

Featuring three different textures

🔸CM Supermatt 

Which is elegant, soft and fine to the touch.

🔸GR Solid Granite

 Characterised by its depth and matt appearance. Giving you a high quality and authentic stone effect decor.

🔸RC Rustic Touch

A distinctive look and feel of brushed wood. Enhancing the effect of woodgrain decors with its linear texture.

Duropal Compact Worktops Feature machined bevelled edges. Also available with Worktop size 4110 x 640 x 12mm which has the bevelled detail on the front long edge only. Also available in Breakfast Bar size 4100 x 950 x 12mm. Which has the bevelled detail on both of the long edges.

Also available with matching HPL MDF splashbacks and HPL compact upstands.

Cleaning and care instructions

A major advantage of Duropal Worktops is that its surface makes cleaning so simple. Usually a moist cloth is sufficient but use washing-up liquid to get rid of any grease. Stubborn dirt can be removed with an organic solvent such as methylated spirits or alcohol. There’s nothing easier than cleaning and caring for Duropal Worktops.

Therefore they have a high resistance to

The Duropal Compact Worktops range has a Melamine resin coat. Melamine is the hardest of synthetically produced organic materials, giving it a high resistance to impact and heat. Whilst also being extremely easy to clean and maintain. 




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