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Duropal worktops are the perfect alternative to acrylic based, granite and stone worktops
at a fraction of the price. Their comprehensive selection of decors offers opportunities from
the most modern applications to the more traditional.


Cubix profile
The Duropal Cubix profile, modern and exciting
creating a square edge appearance, is available in this collection in 9 colourways.
• 2mm radius
• available as 40mm post-formed edge

Quadra profile
The Duropal Quadra profile, fashionable yet
tried and tested, offers you unique product
features and is available in this collection in
36 colourways.
• 3mm radius
• available as 40mm post-formed edge

Square edged
Worktop with almost right-angled edge.
In addition to the extraordinary high-quality
look, the laser edging process is also impervious to moisture and water vapour – just like
a post-formed edge!
• available as 20mm and 40mm edge
• available in a selection of 8 decors
Technical data for this product can be found under
Duropal Worktop PerForm on www.duropal.co.uk

Special Seal
All Duropal worktops with both Cubix and
Quadra profiles come with a unique seal
designed to ensure a lifetime of protection
against moisture and steam.


40mm post-formed worktops

40mm square edge worktops



Wellington Oak


Volcanic Black


Artisan Oak


Light Grey






Trebbia Stone



CM - Supermatt

Complements the extensive range of matt structures. Uniform and with a soft appearance, CM offers an even greater matt alternative to Semi Matt (SM / MS). Compared to Semi Matt, the puristice Supermatt has a reduced gloss level with a comparable soft, silky appearance.

CR - Corrosio

The rough, lively material structure Corrosio looks like corroded metal. An overall matt effect broken up with sharp-edges, but also softer uneven areas, it is complemented by the shimmering silk-matt background. Directional yet universal, Corrosio can be used with almost all material and stone decors.

FG - Finegrain

Has a fine texture and evokes an association with ceramics and stoneware. Wood becomes tangible, gets a softer feel and a natural impression. The visual matt appearance is supported by its tactile appeal.

GR - Solid Granite

This rugged but uniform stone structure is impressive due to its great depth. Solid Granite (GR) is sharp and precise in every detail. Fine differences in height, subtle elevation breaks and the silky matt surface give an authentic and high quality impression. Classic fine structured stones, artificial stones and concrete can be impressively combined with Solid Granite.

MP - Miniperl

The classic, directionless pearl structure with a medium gloss level is particularly resistant to mechanical stress and can be used universally for numerous applications and with all decors types.

VV - Top Velvet

Is a fine parchment structure and is universally applicable. The restrained gloss-matt effects and its discreet parchment gives class and elegance to all directionless decors.

SX - Stucotex

This modern structure with numerous material properties is like a chameleon. The craftsmanship of the material is emphasised by the matt, rough feel; momentum and generosity caused by a subtle brush stroke, which gains depth by the glossiness.

SD - Sandpearl

The sandy pearl structure is homogenous and multi-directional, the fine grain is sharp-edged and precise. The both matt and delicate surface has a modern and well-balanced appearance. It can therefore be used universally for almost all decors.

XM - XTreme Plus

Is an attractive matt surface with an anti-fingerprint properties. XP impresses with its velvety soft feel and delicate appearance. The structure is extremely durable and easy to clean, making it perfect for horizontal, heavy duty applications.
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