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Water proof panelling

When you buy a Bushboard product for bathrooms you are buying into their ethos of exceptional quality. As well as their exquisite design and excellent value. Also of course, first class customer care. They are proud that their surfaces are made in the UK.
They want to ensure you get the very best from your new wall panels and vanity surfaces – their products carry a 15 year guarantee so you can be sure your Nuance bathroom wall panels and vanity surfaces will look sensational for years to come.

Inspiring Bathrooms

Be inspired in your bathroom by what Nuance can do. It’s the perfect material for today’s bathroom interiors, combining easy maintenance surfaces with stylish designs.
Their patented range offers wall panels and vanity surfaces in a wide choice of designs and textures that can create individual interiors.
Bushboard have a brand new collection of 15 inspiring designs. Showcasing the best of current and upcoming trends including two new breathtaking marble decors.
Whether your look is traditional or contemporary, there’s a design that will work for you. From large scale luxury stones to subtle neutrals and weathered timbers, you can create long-lasting style.
Let Nuance help you to create your perfect bathroom space to relax in and enjoy for years to come. 

100% waterproof

15 year guarantee

no metal trims

Busboard’s brilliant, patented wall panelling system is transforming bathroom design. It is an ideal alternative to tiles and is becoming the fastest growing trend in today’s bathrooms according to their expanding base of specialist bathroom showrooms across the UK.
The unique selling points of this product mean that it is ideal for refurbishments. In addition to new installations. 
It’s what bathrooms have been waiting for!


With Nuance you can be 100% confident that their panels are 100% waterproof – that’s because their panels are uniquely manufactured using a synthetic homogenous core. Subsequently they are100% impervious to water.
Also add to that the high-performance laminate surface, plus installation. Additionally use their waterproof adhesive and sealant, BB Complete. Therefore giving you a shower area that is guaranteed for 15 years. To cope with thousands of hours of showering.
** click image to enlarge **Nuance Waterproof

No trims required.

Nuance is unique for being a patented, trim-free system.
The large format panels have a postformed outer edge that means no trims are required for finishing.
The tongue and groove panels can be jointed with their bespoke adhesive. This gives you joints which are 100% watertight and virtually invisible to the eye.
Without the need for metal trims to detract from the look you have the flexibility to create wonderful wetrooms, stunning showers, fantastic family bathrooms and a variety of vanity styles.
Take time to appreciate the seamless expanse of uninterrupted design.
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Nuance Edges

Waterproof acrylic glass panels

Can Be Cut On Site

Saves You Money

100% Waterproof

Small Mazan Logo

Their stunning new Mazan acrylic glass is the perfect modern splashbacks, shower and feature panel. Ideal for a number of different applications throughout the home, Mazan acrylic glass can be used as an alternative to both traditional glass and ceramic wall tiles. It has a look of stunning colour backed glass but as it’s much quicker to cut to size and install, comes in a much lower price.


Mazan acrylic glass is enviromentally friendly as it used much less energy than traditional glass during its production and can also be recycled.
And, in the unlikely event of Mazan acrylic class panels suffering damage, you can easily have them repaired. So, you avoid having to scrap and replace the panels, which helps the environment and saves you alot of cost. Both beautiful and touch, Mazan acrylic glass is a highly durable surface for the ups and downs of everyday living.
It is 25 times more impact resistant and stronger than traditional glass, so it will not shatter when it is bumped into. It has a high heat resistance (up to 100°C) and will put up with the kettle steaming against it one minute and an icy blast the next.

Mazan acrylic glass is an affordable, yet dazzingly beautiful collection of panels for kitchens, utility rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms ands shower rooms throughout the home. It is the 21st century alternative to ceramic tiles and traditional glass.

Just because Mazan acrylic glass is so beautiful and easy to fit does not make it a compromise in other areas. Mazan acrylic glass creates stylish, 100% waterproof shower wall panels. Additionally with matching splashbacks behind baths, sinks and bowls to create a wonderfully colourful bathroom or shower room.

Mazan Panels

Mazan acrylic glass shower wall panels are the perfect way to finish off a modern bathroom. Also they can instantly make any surface waterproof and are ideal for both renovating an old space and for polishing off a brand new bathroom.

It can be used to clad any bathroom wall not only making it waterproof but also adding stunningly deep colour.

Vinyl flooring

Malmo Logo

The smart design of Malmo luxury vinyl flooring brings beauty and elegance as well as wear resistance and functionality to any space. Additionally Malmo vinyl flooring is hardwearing and durable.  As a result with an embossed surface it creates the authentic look and feel of wood. It is resistant to indentation, will not chip or crack and is easy to maintain too.


Malmo Senses Rigid Registered Embossed Plank replicates the look and feel of real wood like never before. Therefore with the texture perfectly in line with the visual pattern of the woodgrain, it combines the beauty of wood with the durability and easy installation of Rigid vinyl.


Ridgid vinyl flooring is easy to fit, so perfect for DIY installation. It has a 1mm underlay already attached to eliminate the cost and fuss of installing it separately – and it Välinge 5G click installation system makes fitting simple even in tight spaces, with push down end joint which are extra secure and stable. 

water proof core

reaction to fire tested

lighter to carry

slip resistant

hard wearing & durable

up to 25 year warranty

QuickStep Logo

Vinyl flooring – the ideal flooring solution for both new interiors and renovations.
Vinyl can be placed on any type of subfloor – even irregular surfaces.


Balance combines rustic and modern designs! From sleek, elegant structures to intense, heavy-grained wood structures. To enhance their life-like appearance, several Balance designs feature matching structures.


Ambient collection features an expressive, tactile structure and fascinating colour variations.
The V-grooved tiles radiate spaciousness and authenticity. Choose the nano-bevelled version for more minimalist, modern look.


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